COVID-19 Resources and Links

Activities and tips for coping with quarantine and self-isolation
Supporting Seniors with dementia

For facts and information regarding COVID-19
Government of Canada
Province of Ontario
City of Hamilton
COVID-19 Self Assessment
City of Hamilton Assessment Centres
How to self-isolate (Public Health Ontario)
Hamilton Public Health COVID-19 Hotline 905-974-9848
Telehealth Ontario 1-866-797-0000

Information on Services available in Hamilton
Directory of Community Services during COVID-19 from CMHA
Hamilton Resource Guide for Social and Community Services a straightforward list of where to get everything from a meal to financial assistance resources in Hamilton

Coping with anxiety and worry due to COVID-19
Recommended books from SJHH Anxiety Treatment and Research Clinic
Challenging worries and anxious thoughts: from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Dealing with problems in a structured way: from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Coronavirus Anxiety: Coping with Stress, Fear, and Uncertainty: An article from which presents information and coping strategies in light of COVID-19
Tolerance for Uncertainty: a COVID-19 Workbook from Ontario psychologist Dr. Sachiko Nagasawa that uses techniques from DBT
Mind over Mood: Change how You Feel by Changing the Way You Think: A self-guided journey in cognitive behavioural therapy
Online Resources for Social Connection and Mental Wellness During COVID-19 a guide to apps, online resources, and general tips for coping and supporting others from CMHA
Bounceback Ontario: a free skill-building program managed by the Canadian Mental Health Association
Calm: app for anxiety, worry, and sleep
Mindshift: free evidence-based mental health relief using strategies from CBT
How to access remote peer support during COVID-19: from the Ontario Peer Development Institute
Caring for Coronavirus Anxiety: a toolkit from Mental Health America and Shine
Big White Wall free online mental health support network for Ontarians 16+

Supporting children and youth
COVID-19 Youth Mental Health Resource Hub
Keeping families sane during these uncertain COVID times Tips from a Family Doctor and Clinical Faculty at UBC
Talking to children about COVID-19 and its impact from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Information for parents of immunocompromised children and those with chronic conditions information and insight from Sick Kids

Coping with substance misuse
List of online AA meetings in the Hamilton Area
Overdose Prevention Line (1-888-853-8542) from Grenfell Ministries
Breaking Free: an evidence based well-being and recovery program and app

Support for Trans and Non-binary people
Validation Station A text-messaging service that sends a dose of daily positivity to trans and non-binary people